Workshops For Parents 
and Child Care Providers
Led By Isaac Romano


Presentation to Parents and Childcare Staff, Sitka, Alaska   



                 Isaac Romano with Magda Gerber,

              internationally renown Infant Specialist,

      at Romano sponsored event in Seattle, WA.. USA


"Discipline Without Punishments Or Rewards"
Isaac presents vital information for parents and child care providers on the four kinds of discipline we see in parenting styles, with his emphasis on non-punitve, democratic discipline and parenting. Use of democratic parenting as presented by Isaac removes the rebelliousness we see in many children as they get older. Children raised with "democratic discipline", feel loved and respected, and have no need to rebel as teenagers.Recent workshops have drawn upwards of 35 parents from rural areas of British Columbia.To arrange for this workshop in your locale contact Isaac.

"Understanding the Neuroscience/Brain Research and How That Influences How We Work With Children Who Exhibit Challenging Behaviors" Isaac Romano provides an understanding of the related neuroscience/brain research indicating the effects of stress on the brain from infancy and throughout childhood. Isaac presents the important research, theory and methods to assist all children in the recovery of stress.This popular workshop was recently attended by 89 parents and child care providers. It was sponsored by East Kootenay Supported Child Care in March 2003 and was held at the Heritage Hotel, Cranbrook, BC, Canada. To arrange for this workshop in your locale contact Isaac..

"Helping Children Heal From Stress and Trauma: An Early Childhood Intervention and Violence Prevention Model"
From time to time all children exhibit challenging behaviors, including tense, withdrawn or unkind behavior. Some individual children exhibit high degrees of such behavior. This workshop will examine how we can restore the sense of connection child to child and adult to child for the child exhibiting difficult behaviors. The methodologies Isaac will present help restore the child to self-initiated play and the building of cooperative relationships.Isaac speaks about the kinds of stress children experience. He illustrates how children heal from stress. The parent's or caregiver's role in assisting children in their recovery process from stress are explored. The skills and techniques shared in this workshop allow children of all ages to learn effectively and build cooperative relationships. To arrange for this workshop in your locale contact Isaac.

"Tears and Tantrums: How to Respond to Children's Tears and Tantrums"
"Not surprisingly, infant crying has been linked to child abuse; In a survey of battered infants, eighty percent of the parents reported that excessive crying by their baby triggered the abuse (Weston, 1968). It is therefore vitally important to help parents understand and cope with their babies' crying."
Aletha Solter, Ph.D. Child Psychologist
To arrange for this workshop in your locale contact Isaac.

"Working With Children In Your Program Who Exhibit Challenging Behaviours"

Isaac Romano's expertise bridges the fields of Child Care/ Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Child Attachment Theory and Practice, Child Psychology and related Neuroscience, and Attachment Styled Parenting. His theoretical framework and attachment methods for assisting young children have been very effective and can be easily replicated by parents, child care providers, and support staff e.g. psychologists and social workers.
In my work with child care providers, parents, and support staff, among the most difficult issues they say they need help with is working with children’s challenging behaviors: tense, withdrawn, unfocused and unkind behaviors.

Isaac Romano's methods of skills training and instruction promotes the re-establishing and deepening of the sense of connection and joy for the child, ...returning the child to their own good judgment; and in so doing, re-establishes emotional safety, increased learning and the building of cooperative relationships.
To arrange for this workshop in your locale contact Isaac