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Isaac Romano conference presenter at National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Conference in Anaheim CA. USA.  Here pictured with children's recording artists (to Isaac's right)  Marcia Berman and Ella Jenkins

Meet Insightparenting.ca   Founder and Director Isaac Romano


An Overview

  Latest Publications and Highlights from Audio Interviews with Isaac Romano:

  1.  Richardson, C. & Romano, I.  (2014).  Supporting Indigenous Children and 

      Parents in Early Childhood Settings.  Early Childhood Education Journal. 



2.  Ryan, B.& Ryan, A., (Edit. Romano, I) (2011).  Happy Child Guide

     (4th  edition; 176 pages).  Publisher: Parent  Learning Club (176 pages). 

  3.  Audio Presentations

       * Romano, I. (2/23/2015) - Podcast provided for University of British    

          Columbia Early Childhood Education course.

      * Romano , I. (1/25/2011) - Raising Happy Children. 

           Join "Leading Edge Parenting's"  guest author Isaac Romano as he

           shares the reasons children exhibit challenging behaviors and how you 

           can turn misbehavior into giggles, cooperation, and happy families.


       * Romano, I. (May 1999) Reviewing the Neuroscience, Brain Research and 

          How that Influences How We Work with Children with Challenging 

          Behaviors. 22nd Annual Save the Children National Family Child Care

          Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Audio Recording by Goodkind of Sound.



Invitation to parents to join our eight-week session parent-support group led by Isaac Romano.  Parents, on beginning their 3rd eight-week session with Isaac, describe the parenting group with these superlatives, "Incredibly supportive of parents and children," "emotional support," "intimate small group," "informative," "remarkably effective," "meeting your child's needs, by meeting your needs (for support) as a parent," "empowering".

Reserve your place in our Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter parent-support groups. A sliding scale fee is provided, based on your ability to pay. Send us an email with your contact details and Isaac Romano will contact you with all the details.

Individual and couple counseling support and parent mentoring and skills building is available to you, your partner and your family.  ...As well as for your extended family members (grandparents, active surrogate parents/aunts and uncles) that can benefit from this support and training.  So you have an extended "family team" supporting you, your partner/spouse, and your children.

Child Care, Pre-school and Elementary School staff and administrators and Family Child Care provides will find new skills and benefit broadly from these training sessions provided by Isaac Romano.  Isaac is also available to assist you and your staff in your child care centre, and family child care home setting.



Isaac Romano with Magda Gerber, internationally renown Infant Specialist,
at Romano sponsored event in Seattle, WA.. US.


Presentation to Parents and Childcare Staff, Sitka, Alaska



Parents learn Insight Parenting in Quebec and through skype and phone support services around the world with Insight Parenting Instructor, Isaac Romano.

Isaac Romano: M.Sci. ECE, Early Childhood Leadership Program; Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) All But Dissertation, Developmental Child Psychology.

A "Mr. Rogers" in Canada
"Isaac Romano has a feeling for the developmental and emotional needs of young children and their parents and other caretakers that I have only seen matched by Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood), with whom I have worked as a consultant for twenty three years." 

- Dr. Michael Rothenberg, former director of psychiatry at Children's Hospital in Seattle and nationally known child and family advocate, who co-authored the 5th and 6th edition of Dr. Spock's Baby and Childcare book.


Learn attachment-styled, non-punitive parenting: an effective democratic discipline model, leading children of all ages to feel loved and supported and with no reason to rebel, as they grow into their teen and young-adult years.


Making a World of Difference for Children and Families

•    "Isaac Romano is one of those phenomenal and transformational community leaders in the 21st century who is really activating a difference in the world through his work.  Mr. Romano is one of those experienced teachers who has correctly achieved the title of "expert" in the field of parenting education...  My wife and I took a workshop and parenting course from Isaac Romano in 2003.  We have followed his work since then and continue to be amazed by his wisdom, charity and positive influence he has on our parenting, communication skills and conflict resolution skills.  We are eternally indebted to Mr. Romano for the great influence he has had on helping us give the best happiest life for our child." - Quote by parent that attended ongoing parenting courses and support groups and skill mentoring consultations over a one year period with Isaac Romano

Fred Rogers and Isaac Romano
at NAEYC (Early Childhood Education) National Conference

(Anaheim, California, USA 1995)